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messages were not answered. hope to see you tonight for the fox report at 7:00 eastern time. look who is coming up on stage. would you look at this? the first lady, i understand fox her walk around. hello, first lady. we will pass you off to neil cavuto. i will see you tonight at 7:00 eastern. >>neil: the scene on the floor here in charlotte, michelle obama making her way to the stage to check things out. she will be the big speaker for democrats tomorrow night. some thought she could be getting eclipses by bill clinton but that is neither here or there. officially, this convention has not kicked off. but it does so tomorrow in light of the labor day holiday, but labor will be a big issue not only for michelle obama but her husband. also, the issue of jobs. today is a market holiday, the last big holiday before everyone
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goes back-to-school and for a lot of people they recognize this time of the year as the start of a new year. psyche psychologically i can see that. and ahead of the national association of manufacturers. jay, that is the issue, right? labor and jobs and progress. >>guest: all about jobs. everyone is talking about jobs and manufacturing. when i talk to manufacturers from around the country they express a lost concern and uncertainty about the future, the abyss we are ready to face at the end end of this year causes great concern both this administration and previous administration. >>neil: you do not take sides. >>guest: for us it is policy, not politics. >>neil: but your members do, some speak out on behalf of the administration or are opponents. but the rap is the administration has not lived up to the something station. >>guest: today it is 20 percent more expensive to manufacture in this country than
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anywhere else in this world because of tax policy, because of regulation and our energy policy. manufacturers look in their policymakers in washington, dc, whether they are in the white house or congress, to help reduce that burden. that does not include, since it is labor day, it does not include the cost of labor. those are policies we have imposed on ourselves to drive up the cost of manufacturing. >>neil: when this convention lets out, and michelle obama is actually more popular than her husband in the polls. >>guest: probably one of the most popular in the country. >>neil: i am wandering, this question has come up a lot in this convention, outside this convention, the old ronald reagan saw, are you better off than you were four years ago? what do most your members say? >>guest: manufacturers would say they are not better off than they were four years ago. but if you asked that question four years ago they would have said they are not better off than four years before that.
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again, it is because of this piling on of taxes, regulation, poor energy policy, that has made it 20 percent more expensive to manufacture in this country. it is not a republican problem. it is not a democratic problem. >>neil: but you talk about regulations that have picked up. many members have complained about the health care law, not all of them, but if they had a chance to pass along their health care laws to the president, they might. but do you get a sense, having said that, they want to see a change or they want to see a change out of this guy? >>guest: i think they want to see a change in poles. -- in policy. they want to see big changes in the epa, in the nlrb, those two in particular, along with a hot of other agencies. they want to see changes in our laws that are passed, as well, so, that means whoever is in charge of the house of representatives and the senate,
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they need to see change from there. >>neil: i asked this from others, the president gets the rap for beingants success or antibusiness, but you do not think that is the case but you have to be careful of the words and venues you choose and the attack lines you choose. i do notice on the panel of speakers there are not a lot of business types here. i am not saying they are not represented. >>guest: former president clinton is mere, the most pro businessman since ronald reagan. >>neil: is he filling the we business spot? >>guest: i don't know about that. there were a lot of policies that occurred under clinton administration that manufacturers liked, expanding our ability to compete and succeed outside the borders of the up. 95 percent of consumers reside outside of the border of the united states so free trade is critical and he was a proponent
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of that. >>neil: thank you very much i know you have a very hectic schedule, along with your pre-schooler. >>guest: starts this week. >>neil: thank you, jay. much is made in this building of the most anticipated speaker, if i can daresay, more than michelle obama and that is bill clinton. there has been a lot of talk back-and-forth whether the two, that is, bill clinton and the president, really get along, whether bill clinton still sports doubts about the president, but, nevertheless his speech will be heard on wednesday night. we hear the stories back-and-forth whether true obama loyalists wanted to hear from the former president that he makes this look bad, but, the fact of the matter is, the proof is in the invite pudding and the fact of the matter is, bill clinton has been invited to speak and will, in fact, be giving a major speech at this
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convention. that is what makes it very different. it is one of those, would have, could have, hard to argue points but without jesse jackson would it be possible for president obama to be here today? those loyal to him say, no, it would not but the fact of the matter is, jesse jackson then, a man who came very close to disrupting the democratic establishment and almost getting nominated himself, a man who electrified the 1984 democratic convention crowd is at best an ancillary player. how does he feel about that and the role that many say he laid the path for president obama today. jesse jackson, now. he is here now. very go to have you. >>guest: good to see you, sir. >>neil: how is your son, by the way? >>guest: well, it is tough. fragile. but i think he is on the mend. it will take time.
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we hope and pray if his recovery. >>neil: now you have been forthright and you said he needs his privacy. and i understand it is a bipolar disorder. is it going do keep him off the campaign trail the rest of the year? >>guest: i don't know that. that is a decision he and his doctors have to make. his health is first and i don't want to be anything but a father once he comes out of this he can make a determination as to the future options. >>neil: has he gotten into that with you? >>guest: we have discouraged it. we focus on working out the challenges ahead for him. >>neil: and the last i will indulge on this private matter, he is a public figure and you be kind of a public figure and a lot of people want to know whether he is up to the race, will fish the race, or should step down? you advise him to step down?
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>>guest: well, he is enjoying his job and he has done it well, and he has been up to the task and he has priorities at this point and that is to focus on regaining his strength. >>neil: is there any pressure to him being your son? >>guest: i assume it is good pressure and bad pressure. the good pressure you live your aspiration, and the bad pressure you apply pressure to yourself but we all want to be lifted up and not fall down. i would like to think what we have done across the years is set the pace. i could not be as home as much as i wanted but i went to cuba, and yugoslavia, and iraq to bring the soldiers back. i always took the boy, that is what i do. they have a great sense of social consciousness and people's sensitivity.
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whether it is one of the boys or daughters, they have an amazing sense of foreign politics. >>neil: i always thing about guys like you in the public spotlight as trailblazers whether people agree or disagree but and this president and his role as a dad, it is hard to juggle all of that. >>guest: you think about the great ballplayers, following that are parents, it is good to have role models, so if there must be pressure, have it be pressure up, not down. >>neil: do you think the ticket is under pressure? that it is dead even in the polls, make therepublicans gout a bounce and maybe the democrats got a bounce it and is dead even but not a place an incumbent wants to be.
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>>guest: he has had tremendous odds including fighting right to vote the most fundamental of all rights. we are in north carolina, this is the new south, a new south because the manies and civil rights activists were successful in holding up the south to voting rights. so, blacks and latinos and women can vote and now you can bring -- you could not have had the carolina factors at one time. >>neil: is it fair in that quest the pain not republicans is they ask when you vote you show proof you are an american citizen. >>guest: i don't know if it is racist but it limits people's access. if you make seniors --. >>neil: you need that at the airport. >>guest: why can you not use a utility bill. many do not have a birth certificate, so --. >>neil: but you do not think
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it is racist for republicans? >>guest: no, this affects more than, 18 years of serving in vietnam and you cannot vote? >>neil: you say racism is alive and well? >>guest: very were. but those would want to abolish it, they are asupply well, and the struggle to be a better nation, we see breakthroughs and it is the hope of the becoming less racist that makes us fairer. >>neil: but does someone like you step back and someone talks about welfare it is a code word for racism, or the talk about jobless benefits and bringing in the gulf or entitlements or pulling in the spending these are code words. do you agree with that? >>guest: welfare queen, which
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you assume is blacks who did not want to work. i saw black women and children on the cover "time" magazine and "look," magazine but most poor people are not black or brown they are white, female, and young, and food stamps help the farmer. >>neil: but now they are doing food stamp commercials glorifying them. >>guest: it is based on need. a lot of people would need food stamps. a lot people would need medicaid. who need medicare. >>neil: what i am asking you, whether we have gone from providing for those who need it, to make it cool to have it. >>guest: i don't think we are there. i think we more dependent on tax subsidy and protection than poor folks on welfare. most poor folks work every day.
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they drive cabs. my point is, to assume that the rich have the power to demand access not linked to reinvestment and the poor are dependent on medicare and medicaid and their lives depend on those government services. >>neil: finally, this ends this week, with the president accepting his party's nomination and speech, in a stadium just down the road, 74,000 seats expected to be filled. do you think they will be filled? >>guest: i hope they will. >>neil: what if they are not? >>guest: i expect they will be. >>neil: very political answer. >>guest: i cannot help but think we are, because of the voting rights act, because of dr. king, we are a better south, we are a better nation, and think of where we have gone in four years ago, working three
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shifts in illinois and iowa and ohio. those who were not insured are insured. pell grants have increaseed. and 100,000 troops hope from iraq. >>neil: thank you, reverend. again, jesse jackson, a premiere player in this hall along with folks you probably have never heard of. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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>>neil: they say every convention is the party you keep. it is still early and subject to change but republicans put more emphasis on business being represented. from small, medium, and large. at the republican national convention there were at least seven speakers directly related to business, at least another
1:17 pm
dozen who had some connection to small business, and at the democratic national convention so far, two out of the planned 74 speakers are from the world of bit. that doesn't necessarily mean more won't be invited and we could see more attend, but, clearly, republicans were big on having business represented and democrats, a little less so. time, of course, will tell, but right now the message for the democratic party is clear: business is not necessarily the friend as it was to republicans. >> well, my next guest would probably disagree with that, that business is represented here, the fine democratic congressman from the state of pennsylvania, one of the most influential leaders, and member of the house appropriations committee. very if to have you. >>guest: great to be here. >>neil: we do not see each other in person. >>guest: business leaders love the dome party. >>neil: why are not as many coming? >>guest: the c.e.o. of duke
1:18 pm
energy co-chair of the convention, said for energy purposes, america is so far better off than we were four years ago with nuclear plants being built. >>neil: duke energy is a big employer? >>guest: nuclear plants coming online and i wanted the interview in tampa, he is for the other guy, and he says there is nothing antibusiness about the obama administration. >>neil: you are talking about the intel chairman. >>guest: yes, the intel guy. he said our guy, president obama, the anti-business is baloney. >>neil: duke is the biggest employer. has he said outright he is supported president obama? >>guest: he came out with the strongest statement today about how were better off america is from an energy standpoint. he was answering the question. >>neil: and he is a good corporate citizen. >>guest: we hardy -- heard
1:19 pm
that antibusiness is a gigment of the imagination. >>neil: you could be right. but a lot of guys do not think the president, the democrats in general, really like them. what do you say? >>guest: it is nonsense. look at stock, look at the 18 separate small business --. >>neil: when you say stock --. >>guest: i have a small business in my district that makes tarp for baseball teams and he has 100 percent write off on new equipment and he bought equipment from ohio and has people work leg and people working in my district. small businesses have benefited. >>neil: when they hear taxes go up, and a lot of them pay at the income rate, they fear the president is going to make progress very difficult by hiking taxes and you say what? >>guest: i saw the he architect of the last administration, and taking all
1:20 pm
the taxes. the only thing that has happened with taxes under president obama is taxes have gone down. down, down, down, down, down. >>neil: in health care, actually, you will be having a surtax on that, with a surtax on medicare. they are build into the tax code. >>guest: follow this because it is important for the listeners to get it right, some taxes are in, some taxes down, but the net is they are down. the average family, over $1,600 per year, taxes down. now, this is fox. this is fair and balanced, we should put the real spin aside for a minute and tell people the absolute truth, taxes have again down under president obama. >>neil: if you can make a convincing sell that you can sell snow to the eskimo. >>guest: if you look at
1:21 pm
deficits today, the taxes are going down. >>neil: a lot more coming up after this. this, of course, is the week of the democrats' party and republicans can cry all they want to, but they are not invited. that doesn't mean they can't make their point well known not too far from here. the chairman of the republican national convention has been say leg is a very important role to the grand old party's presence here although they are not in here. they want to let folks know in and outside here and more to the point not going. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe
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>> the president has no record to run on. in fact every president since the great depression who asked americans to send them to a second term could say you are better off today than four years ago, except for jimmy carter and president obama. (applause) >>neil: paul ryan could have been a hit among the republican crowd but he will be a focus, front and center, of the democratic crowd this week in charlotte, north carolina, call ing him on his half truths and lies saying he misrepresented the president's position and they will take paul ryan a rising star, the one that republicans have to galvanize around. reince priebus has been watching this closely, and is holding his own party here in town. good to have you.
1:26 pm
how do you expect, reince priebus, to respond to those responses? >>guest: well, we have to set up shop here and i just think we have so much to fight for, we have to win every day, part of winning every day is getting down to charlotte, with the full staff of the rnc, with rapid response, setting the record straight, making sure that the american people know what is at stake. you played a couple of clips earlier and this election will come down to a fundamental question. it always will. so all distractions come and go, but this will come down to whether or not people are better off today than they were four years ago and on this president's watch, he promised to carpet the world, he did not get the job done and no amount of smoke and lights and balloon drops take away from the fact we need to get our economy back on track and no one can do it bettors right now, that mitt
1:27 pm
romney and paul ryan. >>neil: democrats are looking to betty white to counter clint eastwood and she will do a far better jonathan the 82-year-old actor and director. are you worried? >>guest: i'm shaking in my boots. i'm not worried. clint eastwood, an american icon and said something simple: every american understands republicans and democrats. the president made a lost promises. he did not keep his promises. it is time for obama to go. that is what we will talk about. it will be a basic question for the american people and the nice thing about our position, neil, although the facts are not good for america, the facts are on our side. i will tell you going into a closing argument, there is nothing better than having the facts on your side and the facts
1:28 pm
are we are too many people a done thing about thent did out-of-control spending in this country, and he made a lost promises and it is too bad because the american dream is worth fighting for and that is why we here. >>neil: they are saying it is not consistent with a spokesman on the four year thing and they are saying we have seen 29 months of study and things are picking up in key areas of the stock market, and this is novel for the president who is using the stock market in his defense but he can saying it has doubled under his stewardship from extreme low soon after he took office. what do you think of the argument in and will it matter? >>guest: i heard the guy on before me it sounded like baghdad bob. i don't know what world he is living in but we have an economy where people are unemployed far too long, more people unemployed
1:29 pm
for longer and were maaing records of the great depression and a debt explosion of almost 51 percent in four years under this president, and here is the problem: he is not even -- the budget he proposed cloud the biggest structural deficits in the history of america and he has come back and he will try to sell the american people that he needs another four years? another four years of what? we are in the deepest part of the dip right now. he has his chance and he had a chance with a democrat majority in the house of representatives and the senate and he didn't deliver. it is just not good enough. we have to save this country and far president obama. >>neil: all right, reince priebus, good to see you. always a quick and ready response from democrats convening. reince priebus thank you very much. we will get more reaction on where the convention ears stand in the middle of all of this and
1:30 pm
make up the various delegations, as well. >> there is no rhyme or reason for placement of home delegations but delaware is front and center for premiere speaker, delaware governor. he is my next special guest after this. ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who
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>>neil: my staff ate that before i had a chance were i will find that guy when i leave and he better have it ready for me. welcome, everyone from charlotte, north carolina, it is the democrats' turn to convene and respond to what they said were ridiculous charges in tampa. this comes down to how it is sorting out among americans watching at home, a lot them returning from vacation and ready to get their kids back-to-school, themselves back to work this week. will their attention be divided? or will be they more focused on democrats than republicans? a guy who sorts this out very well, david joins us now to crunch the numbers from suffolk university, a political research center. david, the bounce republicans enjoyed from tampa to what happens with the president this week. sort it out for us.
1:34 pm
>>guest: we will see six to eight point bounce. we have already seen six of the eight points for mitt romney and that will counter by four to six points so the net effect will probably be mitt romney to to four points net between both conventions pre-convention and post convention. >>neil: after the conventions whatever nominal lead governor romney has remains. why? >>guest: people are dissatisfied. when you look at the polls, people -- you look at approval rating of president obamas it is 47 stucky at 47 percent, but that tells us and the research community that 53 percent is undecided or they disapprove. they are trying to cut a slice out of the unlikely voter my and try to bring them into the likely voting possibility. >>neil: but changing horses at
1:35 pm
this stage, that is risky, right? if you are an incumbent president, things are dicey and you have to say they could hook dicey but switching to this guy is more dicey. >>guest: true, and there are two issues, really. it is saying that people are disengaged, the economy has driven them away from voting, and you have --. >>neil: that would hurt the incumbent more. >>guest: it would. there are a pool of voters that would be accessed and they would not need to be persuaded. you have people switching from president obama to romney or leaving and not voting and i argue that the second group is the biggest changer to president obama right now. >>neil: nevertheless it comes down to the debates. in 1980 the americans were willing to fire jimmy carter but they does not know eight bout -- about the former california governor until they saw hill on a stage and decided to take a chance.
1:36 pm
to a hers degree to the country in 1960, and americans took a chance on a young untested senator and we were okay. it is a comfort level from the debate, right? >>guest: but the undecided is so low at 7 percent or 8 percent. so, all of the group, by splitting that 8 percent -- the research shows that undecided voters usually break against the incumbent by 2-1 against and that is a problem for president obama right now. >>neil: is the president still trailing in the polls next week, is he in trouble? we i think though. mitt romney could win without winning ohio if he ran winning florida and the other three swing states but ohio becomes
1:37 pm
pivoteddal and president obama needs to win ohio and georgia, school come, or wisconsin. >>neil: thank you, david, very much. the swing states, that is what this comes down to, in the end, they will decide who gets elected budget because in the end this is about attaining that number, 270, the electoral votes you need to become president of the united states. it always struck me as odd that this administration would have the reputation for being anti-business particularly as vice president who hails, of course, from the state of delaware, the most friendly states in the nation to for tune 500, a state that recognizes the plead and enticement of fortune 500 or fortune 1,000, to say nothing of medium and small sized tickets who how do they get the reputation for being against it when the vice
1:38 pm
president hails to one the states most friendly to business? that is an issue i will take up with that state's governor, governor markell. welcome back, we are not going to a break. we have the governor with us right now. governor markell, you represent one of those states, actually, very friendly to business. there is a reason why big companies incorporate there. so it does have me a little perplexed as to why this is a ticket that gets the reputation, especially since a former delaware senator is the vice president, forering anti-business s that a fair program, i don't think. it is perplexing because the president has been focusing on things that actually matter to business: investing in schools. we know the only way well have a strong economy is with great schools. investing to workforce training. lots of folks whose jobs may have gone away.
1:39 pm
he wants to invest in infrastructure on things that can make a difference today and put people to work for a long period of time. >>neil: normally when you invest you have money to invest. >>guest: whether it is human capital, like education, whether it is jobs, skills, training, or information structure, these are long-term investments and when you build a miscellaneous or a road you have to borrow. >>neil: are you disappoint wed have not seep more bang for the buck? >>guest: first of all, we saw plenty of people working on a lot of the stimulus project as couple years ago and when it comes to infrastructure, roads and bridges these are long stem -- long-term investments. >>neil: but we are down net-net. we have been building back over two years but even by your math that is weak number for recovery. >>guest: we should all be
1:40 pm
using the same math. the point is when this president --. >>neil: i just gave you the math. >>guest: we have 29 straight months of a year of job creation and the fact is we were losing 700,000 a month for the first several months. >>neil: do you think we are better off. >>guest: i do. let me put it this way: when i came to office right when the president did, we had a meeting at national governors' association in february, a month after the president came in, and we met with bernanke, we met with the budget director and get neither, the secretary of the treasury, three of the most sobering meetings because what they said, the financial markets were frozen. they said there is an abyss and we are going to do everything we can to step back from that abyss of the financial markets. if we can't, we are not sure what happens next because we have never been there. >>neil: but you mention how bad things were, and i have heard the president mention it once or twice but going out on
1:41 pm
the health care limb was a proper use of energy and attention in retrospect when it was all about jobs, maybe if we focused more on that and less on the ancillary activity that created more hostility, that is something both parties agreed on getting the job situation improved, we would be better off? >>guest: we have focused and we need to focus on all of the above. we did act. thing of it -- think of it this way. what people forget is how unacceptable the status quo was then. >>neil: the lack of jobs was more unacceptable, would you not say? >>guest: these are both critical issues. small businesses --. >>neil: you think it is fair game to go after health care? >>guest: and to propose investments in infrastructure and the like, much of which has been blocked in congress. the fact is, small businesses were screaming about the increase in rates, about the difficulty of getting access to care.
1:42 pm
>>neil: you did not have small business behind you? >>guest: on health care? nessness there are plenty of small businesses. i deal with businesses all the time, i ask, what do we have to do, what can we do to facilitate your success? that is the only thing that matters now. what they tell me, it is about schools and workforce and reasonable taxes and quality of life, and about job training, and it is about infrastructure and about a responsive government. those are the things that matter. >>guest: that is it. >>neil: stay tuned. things are just getting started at the democratic national convention but what you notice immediately from the setup here, there are no debt clocks showing either the national debt or how much it was at the start of the convention. that was a major part of the republican convention in tampa.
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>>neil: welcome back, everyone. i just had a pregnant pause here. i have noticed something and this could just be me, look the at logo they have behind me on the stage. maybe being the corporate nerd,
1:46 pm
what does that remind you of in pepsi. pepsi. they were reaching out to pepsi drinkers. you compare. we decide. i don't know if there is a message maybe if you go for the caffeine you get morece this one sleep. so imagine what it will be like on thursday but that is a pepsi logo and that is what i am thinking when i cover this convention. and i get back to work and decide, enough for the the delis ideas. so pepsi logo is the logo for the democrat. and we have the fine mayor of charlotte, north carolina, home of the democratic national convention. he is a republican and speaks very well on republican issues. on the pepsi logo thing, do you see what i see? >>guest: i do.
1:47 pm
maybe it is coincidence am pepsi was founded in north carolina, in new bern, north carolina. and we have the pepsi generation that wants everything for free and the president will give everything if free because nothing costs anything. >>neil: see, i didn't know about the pepsi starting here. all right, now the plot thickens. on to the role of business, we noted there are a number of business speakers, not nearly as many, in fact, all of two, on the primary convention list they just put out. there could be more added, but that is a fraction of what republicans represented to say nothing of just the delegates in the audience who came from business. and those would were leading various convention functions. does that message say anything to you? worry you in give you pause? what? >>guest: it does. the main difference between the two parties is both parties are for jobs. but the republican party, the
1:48 pm
romney ticket and my ticket, here in north carolina, believe that the private sector jobs are the ones that will get us out of the recession. and that the private sector if we grow the private sector jobs that helps pay not teacher and the miss and the fire. not the other way around. they more interested in growing government jobs. that is not sustainable and ask not need a long-term economic model. >>neil: you hearing, depending on who you talk to, governor markell from the fine state of delaware started saying americans are better off than four years ago and he pointed to the 29 months in a rove -- in a rove steady job growth but it does not offset to what is goinn now; that something republicans have to worry about? >>guest: no. i'm sad for the nation. in fact, in north carolina, a state i'm running for governor,
1:49 pm
we have the 5th highest unemployment rate in the inflation and our unemployment just went up to 9.6 percent this past month. that is not a positive trend. this is a state with dynamic resources which we refuse to explore for oil and gas because our current governor and the president will not do it. this is a great state. to have the 5th high of the unemployment rate in north carolina, that is inexcusable and our governor, the incoming governor who refuses to run for re-election, just stated on another program that she thinks north carolina is doing better now, too, so, the politicians there at the convention are trying to stay on this message but the statistics, and, more than anything else, the people know that is not happening at grass roots right now. >>neil: but one other thing we have noticed, mayor, what is not here, we sweep the convention floor and it could be added but it has not show unyet, a debt clock, much like, republicans had at their convention. there is no click leader and it happens at a time, maybe by
1:50 pm
tuesday, it could be wednesday, we will hit a major milestone, $16 trillion in debt. what do you make of that. >>guest: i think it is more than that because that debt clock, i don't think it includes the state debt that is out there, the unfunded liabilities that anyone is counting off the books right now, including north carolina. north carolina, we say we have a balanced budget but we owe the federal government $2.8 billion if unemployment insurance. we have unfunded liabilities of mold and health care costs for government employees that is off the books and the private sector kept things off the books the way we are doing if this state and many other governments doing, and the fed is doing, i, frankly, am sad to say the doubt clock could be higher than they are showing. >>neil: we shall want it. thank you very much. a big speaker who is coming and it is not michelle obama. with all the opinions about stocks out there, how do you know which ones to follow?
1:51 pm
the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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>> neil: all right. nancy pelosi getting sort of a lay of the convention land here. she, too, among those expected to speak to conventioneers. but the voice is getting probably the most talk and most discussion, good or bad is that of bill clinton wednesday night. a man who knows a thing or two about bringing down the house will speak on behalf of the president. depending what press clippings you read isn't much of a fan of that president. steve dunham was reminding me you want to keep bill clinton. steve is with the "washington times," the alternative is not good. >> we have seen that when his wife was running against him. the flare-up that you have seen, remember the tax question when he came out and said he would extent tax cut in the short-term going up against the president's message. better from the democrats and president obama to have him
1:55 pm
there and have him part of the discussion as best they, can rather than carping from the side. >> neil: maybe timing and all between klein book or whatever else, what you believe or not, more stuff coming out how little bill clinton thinks of barack obama. is that true? >> who can say? there has to be, with all the smoke there, there has to be some fire. he was pretty harsh on him when his wife ran against him. no indication that he necessarily thinks the president is a better politician than guy like bill clinton who sets everybody against his own standard. tough to meet that standard. the chief problem for democrats they are trying to make a comparison. they want to make the comparison between george bush and bill clinton. there is a bumper sticker under bush era, "remember peace and prosperity, vote democrat." peace, you can make an argument. prosperity is tough. voters are looking at that saying is this guy the next coming of bill clinton or the next -- >> neil: i was going to raise that. doesn't it risk making you miss bill clinton and say this
1:56 pm
is the democrat we've got? this is not the guy we wanted. >> that is what republicans will do. the guy you in there now is jimmy carter. it's not bill clinton. remember what you missed. that is the guy you've got, jimmy carter who is also speaking by video. >> neil: by video. what do you make of the mood among conventioneers. you tell a lot how passionate they are. is the president unopposed or ready for domination but a lot o them not as jazzed as they were -- a lot of them not as jazzed as they were. >> they were aware of that. part of the challenge is send them off motivated but he will never recapture what he had. >> neil: can he capture 74,000 fannys? >> they have to. the democrats have to. they have to fill that. if they don't fit every single seat. essentially fill every seat, all we will talk about is the lack of enthusiasm. >> neil: what do they do?
1:57 pm
>> there is a possibility they move back here, which is a real problem because you have to throw out 60,000 people planning to show up. the sword they will make a final decision thursday, go or no go. wednesday night they'll say full head and there is no rain location that goes rain or shine once they decide to go. >> neil: steve dinan, thank you. full throttle now, remaining days of this week when the democrats get a chance to respond to what they say were lies and misrepresentation of the republicans. on fox news and fox business, we've got the best coverage. with the fair and balanced group of people who know a thing or two about politics, business, about making money, not making money. about parties, and what their message should be. we told you it would be serious about this. we are doublesy so this week. stick with us. we mean business. [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system
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you could spend as much as $200. olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. olay pro x advanced cleansing system.
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